Student Schedules

Our switch to eschoolplus for the 2012-13 school year has resulted in changes in how your schedule looks.

Letter Days A-F will now be numbered days 1-6 and we will now have 11 periods in a school day, rather than 8. The reason for the increase in periods is because lunch is now numbered as a class period. Because junior high lunch is period 5, all senior high students will have a class that is 5/6. If a student has "Lunch 2" (period 7), that student will have a class during period 8/9. If a student has "Lunch 3" (period 9), that student will have class during period 7/8. It appears that these classes are scheduled twice because they appear in both periods, but the time span falls within the same 41 minutes it has always been.

Periods 10 and 11 are the same as last year's periods 7 and 8. Please reference the grid below for a visual and contact your guidance counselor if you have any questions regarding reading your schedule. Final schedules containing study halls will be available the first day of school.


The number of meeting periods, minutes and times have not changed.

All 7th and 8th grade students eat Lunch 1 then have periods 6/7 & 8/9.

All 9th-12th grade students will have a period 5/6. Students who eat Lunch 2 will have an 8/9 class. Students who eat Lunch 3 will have a 7/8 class.