Students Learn Life Skills, One Snack at a Time

Students Learn Life Skills, One Snack at a Time
Posted on 02/16/2019
snack attach

Students in Mrs. Emily Emerson’s life-skills class begin each day with morning assignments. One of the most anticipated activities this year is the newly implemented Snack Attack, a mobile snack service operated entirely by students. 

Snack Attack provides a unique opportunity for students with disabilities to learn in a work-based environment. It brings tasty treats to Wyomissing Area Junior Senior High School faculty and staff while reinforcing the critical life-skills lessons students learn in class. 

Each morning, a designated student prepares the mobile snack box, organizing treats, taking inventory, and counting money. Once the snack box is in perfect working-order, the student takes to the halls, offering snacks for purchase to faculty and staff. After finishing rounds, the student returns to Mrs. Emerson’s classroom to complete the work experience. At the end of the shift, each student is required to keep track of inventory in Excel, count money, make weekly deposits, and replenish and order new inventory. 

While Snack Attack reinforces what the life-skills students learn in class, this new program teaches much more. By incorporating practical living skills, vocational skills, and transition skills, Snack Attack prepares them for their transition out of high school. “If we can identify the students’ needs for life,” explains Mrs. Emerson, who introduced Snack Attack to the district, “we can best educate the students for their future.” 

It’s safe to say the future of Snack Attack is also looking bright. The student-operated business has recently introduced a second mobile snack box and has big plans for expansion. The profits of Snack Attack fund the annual Spartan Challenge, a Special Olympics-type event held in the spring for students in the Wyomissing Area School District. Snack Attack is truly a treat for both students and staff, teaching life skills one snack at a time.